Facebook Users Spend 7 Hours Monthly On The Site – Buries The Internet Top 10 In Usage

Facebook Users Spend 7 Hours Monthly On The Site – Buries The Internet Top 10 In Usage

facebook-logoIn the “you already knew it, but here is the data” department, Facebook users average some 7 hours a month on the website.

While the data (mined by Nielsen), applies only to the US, this still means that far more than a billion hours are racked up on Facebook.com monthly. If everyone around the world used Facebook as its US users do (they might even use it more), then Facebook would be serving 2.8 billion hours of social networking goodness each month.

Go ahead and guess the average number of pageviews that are loaded per hour of Facebook browsing and you can begin to articulate the magnitude of Facebook. At a low estimate of just ten pageviews and hour (some people do that in five minutes), Facebook would be firing off nearly 30 billion pages a month.

You don’t have to be running a killer CPM rate to make piles of cash with that many ad impressions.

The data details the other nine top internet giants, with Yahoo claiming second place with two hours and nine minutes of average usage. Perhaps surprisingly, Microsoft came in third at 1:35 per month, and Google rounded out fourth place with 1:23 of usage.


Seven hours. Facebook is not just here to stay, it’s here to be used, by the hour. Hundreds of millions of users at the worlds highest usage rates. How long until Facebook is the biggest thing online?

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