Twice As Many US Internet Users On Facebook Than MySpace

Twice As Many US Internet Users On Facebook Than MySpace

facebook-logoAccording to the most recent comScore data, twice as many internet users inside of the United States used Facebook compared to MySpace in December.

It took Facebook some time to match MySpace in traffic, but once the two lines on the graph crossed there was no turning back. Facebook is veritably burying MySpace in the United States.

Some 112 million unique people in the United States visited Facebook in the month, compared to 57 million for MySpace. With a minimum of rounding that puts some 57% of US internet users on Facebook compared to 27% using MySpace.

Bebo and Tagged came in as distant third fourth place finishers, with nearly six million unique users a piece. That means that they are around 5% as large as Facebook in the States, and are in the very low single digits of the total US internet population.

Compete backs up the comScore US data, claiming some 132 million unique users for Facebook in the US, and 49 million for MySpace in December.

Even with the launch of the latest iteration of MySpace music, MySpace has yet to find a winning growth formula for the United States. The company, according to Compete, has shed some 17% of its US audience in the last twelve months.

Their CEO either just quit, or was fired. This hardly casts a positive light on the companies short-term future.

With yesterday’s launch of Buzz, Google is stepping hard into the social space. That might make a dent into MySpace, but Facebook with its more than 400 million active users seems to have little to fear from just about anyone.

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