San Francisco Airport to Get Free WiFi

San Francisco Airport to Get Free WiFi

san-franscisco-photo-by-flickr-user-di-the-huntressAdmittedly this isn’t headline news, but if you live or have had the pleasure of visiting San Francisco, you may have noticed that despite being the world’s tech hub, its airport – of all places – still does not provide free WiFi.

This is despite the fact that its airport is where its many technology savvy visitors and residents often spend hours of their month, quite often working on deals that essentially benefit the city.

Currently, passengers need to pay T-Mobile $7.99 for a day pass, $6 for an hour plus 10 cents for each additional minute or $39.99 for a month.

According to reports however, that is likely to change very soon with San Francisco International Airport abolishing the fee for Internet access when their current Wi-Fi contract with T-Mobile expires at the end of February. SFO will join its main competitors in San Jose and Oakland, which have been offering free Wi-Fi access for more than a year.

The Airport Commission is expected to approve the deal Tuesday, then the San Francisco City Purchaser would have to endorse it. But if all goes as expected, SF’s frequent visitors and residents can expect to enjoy free wifi before Easter!

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