Should Apple Release an iMac Touch? History Says No

Should Apple Release an iMac Touch? History Says No

iPhoneiMacWe all know about the impending release of the Apple tablet. However, according to sources, this isn’t the only touchscreen product Apple’s looking at releasing.

Citing a report in the Commercial Times, a Chinese-language business daily, Digitimes reports that Apple is looking to launch a 22-inch touchscreen version of the iMac.

Given Apple’s focus on touchscreen-based products and gestural interfaces, this rumor makes sense. Apple’s rolled out multitouch and gestures across their product line, and so a touchscreen desktop seems like a logical next step to many.

However, given the lack of success with other similar touchscreen products (the HP Touchsmart line comes to mind), should Apple really be focusing on this product?

Despite the fact that touchscreen fever is sweeping the world right now, there are a couple of issues with touchscreens that are kind of unavoidable. If you hate having huge oily hand prints on your shiny new 22-inch iMac, then an iMac Touch is going to drive you crazy.

The reality of the touch interface is that your screen is going to get smudged fast. Touch interfaces can also be imprecise, especially if you have pudgy fingers (think of all of those times you’ve misspelled words on the iPhone keyboard).

The iPhone is better than most, but the issues are still there. The biggest issue, it seems, is that screen size amplifies these problems. If Apple really wants to bring this product to market, they’re going to have quite a task trying to solve these problems. Of course, Apple might be able to fix these issues. The could release the iWipe for the screen, and put out a whole new line six months later that makes the first generation obsolete.

What has been lost in all the hype is that consumers have long disliked tablets, for a million reasons. Apple must either change the game, or go to the back of the bus.

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