Conan O’Brien To Host New Show Online? Revision3 Offers CoCo A Home

Conan O’Brien To Host New Show Online? Revision3 Offers CoCo A Home

In an open lettercocoto Conan O’Brien early this morning, Revision3 offered everyone’s favorite comedian a show slot. Online, of course.

Revision3 is an online television network that is most famous for Diggnation, a very popular show featuring Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg. The company has to date raised some nine million dollars.

Revision3 publishes around twenty shows in its network, and attracts hundreds of thousands of views. The open letter told Conan that he could bring his whole show (“bring your set, band and even Andy (especially Andy)), and work for “the future.”

Sure, Revision3 cannot afford to pay what he used to make, but no worries “you’re going to have more money than Oprah from NBC, so what do you care?!”

It’s a fun offer, and even though the chance of Conan taking it is around zero percent, there is always that small hope that he would. If he did decide to take his show online, Conan would snap the barrier between online and regular programming.

Revision3 is both joking and quite serious: the would love to get Conan on the cheap, but I doubt that they have even managed to talk to his agent.

Do it CoCo, please?

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