Sky adds new £10 per month fiber broadband option, but it comes with a catch

Sky adds new £10 per month fiber broadband option, but it comes with a catch

Getting fiber broadband can be an expensive ongoing monthly commitment in the UK, which is why Sky has introduced a new ‘Sky Fibre‘ package for customers that starts from just £10 per month.

While that’s undoubtedly one of the cheaper standard prices for fiber broadband, it’s not going to be as fast as something like Virgin Media or BT’s Infinity packages (or even Sky’s more expensive options) and comes with a lower usage allowance. Users should get up to 38Mbps download speeds and the deal comes with a 25GB per month usage cap, the company said.

Naturally, the unlimited Sky Fibre options are still available for customers with higher demands.


The service might only cost £10 per month, but you’ll also need a phone line with Sky too, which will add an additional £16.40 per month. For comparison, Virgin Media’s broadband-only packages start from £28.50 per month with no need for a phone line; this option offers speeds of up to 50Mbps and no download caps.

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