Microsoft drops the price of the Xbox One to £329.99 in the UK

Microsoft drops the price of the Xbox One to £329.99 in the UK

Microsoft has dropped the price of its Xbox One gaming console to £329.99 ($540 USD) in the UK, undercutting the PlayStation 4 by around £20.

The new price is for the base-level option, which comes without the Kinect motion sensor, and is already live on Microsoft’s online store. It seems retailers have already reacted to the decision though; as IGN notes, Amazon is selling a white console bundle with Sunset Overdrive for £329.99 in the UK.

Microsoft is facing fierce competition from Sony and its PlayStation 4 console in multiple markets, including the UK. The Xbox One was sold for £429.99 at launch last November, but was quickly dropped to £399.99 in February. The Kinect was bundled with every system at that point; Microsoft later introduced a version without its second-generation camera for £349.99 in June.

The PlayStation 4, for comparison, is being sold for £349 in the UK.

Sony remains out in front, but Microsoft will be hoping a cheaper price tag and a slew of exclusive games – including Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Forza Horizon 2 – can swing the balance back in its favor.

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