EE now has over 2 million 4G LTE subscribers in the UK

EE now has over 2 million 4G LTE subscribers in the UK

EE, the first network operator to offer 4G connectivity in the UK, now boasts over 2 million subscribers. The company reached 1 million customers in September last year, hitting its internal target for the end of 2013 with a little under three months to spare.

The carrier appears to be gaining momentum, having doubled its subscriber base in just four months. The brand is now in the public consciousness, in part due to the ongoing marketing campaign with actor Kevin Bacon and the flood of EE brick-and-mortar stores that now dominate the high street.

EE isn’t the only network operator to offer 4G in the UK, however. Vodafone and O2 started offering 4G subscriptions in August last year, while Three began to slowly roll out the faster speeds to its subscribers in London last month.

Hitting 2 million subscribers in 14 months is a notable achievement, although it will be interesting to see whether it can maintain that momentum once its rivals begin expanding and improving their own 4G offerings.

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