BBC iPlayer mobile and tablet use has almost caught up with desktop

BBC iPlayer mobile and tablet use has almost caught up with desktop

The BBC has revealed that its iPlayer streaming TV and radio service saw its highest ever number of mobile users during October – accounting for 37 percent of all streams.

In total, there were 261 million iPlayer requests (199 million of which were for TV content) during the month, up 23 percent from the same point last year. Of this figure, some 39 percent of requests came from people watching on a traditional computer, while 37 percent came from mobile and tablet users, marking the first time that the different platforms had nearly reached parity.

Figures for September’s report showed that 34 percent of total streams had come from mobile or tablet users, but the BBC noted this month that some Android devices had previously been (mis)reported as ‘mobile’ users but were now split out into a separate category, meaning that the actual increase is a little larger than it appears at first. Figures from other platforms like Sky and Virgin Media also weren’t included in this data

Other findings of the monthly report show that the first and last week of the month saw the highest weekly requests, and that there was an average of 7.8 million requests per day across TV and radio content – up from 7.6 million last month.

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