Thinkspace Pioneers wants to unearth the next coding prodigy

Thinkspace Pioneers wants to unearth the next coding prodigy


Fresh from launching their drop-in coding ‘Thinkspaces’ for schools, teenage entrepreneurs James Anderson, Kamran Malik and Jordan Earle have announced an off-shoot project as they strive to unearth the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Thinkspace is a dedicated area in schools to encourage students to learn how to program, and they’re designed more with Google HQ in mind rather than a school classroom. Thinkspace Pioneers builds on this by inviting children aged 13-18 to apply with projects including mobile apps, websites and games.

Applicants are only given 400 characters to get their idea across, but they will learn if they’re successful within 72 hours of submitting their proposal and will be invited to participate in weekly or fortnightly networking and discussion sessions. They will also gain access to Thinkspace’s coding and development-centric social network.

The Thinkspace creators are hoping to secure funding to fly young developers from around the world to a yet-to-be-decided location (though it will most likely be London) once a year to participate in a hackathon and generally celebrate young software engineers.

Thinkspace Pioneers

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