JustGiving just made it a whole lot easier to donate cash from your phone

JustGiving just made it a whole lot easier to donate cash from your phone

JustGiving, the online platform for donating to charities, has simplified the process for giving cash from a mobile phone  in the hope that it will encourage future repeat donations.

The new ‘one-touch’ donation process was announced by the London-based company on Thursday.

Lee Marshall, Product Manager at Just Giving, said the the way that people donate is changing and that “more than ever, people want to give wherever and whenever they want, on any device”.

Instead of having to tirelessly re-enter details and select your preferences every time you want to make a donation from a mobile (or tablet), the one-touch process remembers your details and choices making things a whole lot less laborious, which JustGiving hopes will encourage repeat donations.

“Our next challenge now is to encourage mobile donors to give more, and more often, to their favorite causes,” Marshall added.

For UK donors it also provides a simplified but officially recognized Gift Aid process, which the company believes will increase Gift Aid reclaim on mobile “across the board”. Gift Aid in the UK can provide charities with an extra 25 percent on top of donations, a sum that comes from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

While JustGiving helps charities all over the world, the company itself is a for-profit organisation that was established in 2000. It makes its money by charging a fee of between two and five percent on donated Gift Aid once it has been received, meaning the charity gets the full donation from the individual, plus the remainder of the gift aid. It also charges charities a flat £15 per month fee for access to its platform and technology.

The redesign of the system follows a huge growth in the number of people using the service on a phone or tablet. In fact, just a few months ago in April 2013 the company saw its first month where mobile usage overtook the desktop. It estimates that by as early as next year around 70 percent of its traffic will come from mobile users.

Image Credit – Suzanne Tucker / Shutterstock.com

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