Eyetease bags Verifone deal for iTaxiTop in London, soon you’ll be seeing news, ads and more on the roof of your cab

Eyetease bags Verifone deal for iTaxiTop in London, soon you’ll be seeing news, ads and more on the ...

London TechCity startup Eyetease has signed a deal with Verifone Media for its iTaxiTop digital media screens to be rolled out on the top of London’s iconic black cabs.

The deal (of undisclosed amount) will bring a wealth of “digital content” (ads) as well as the latest news, public information and transport updates to the display-equipped vehicles in what Eyetease is calling the rollout of a “disruptive new media format”.

Whether or not the systems will turn out to be more irritating and distracting to the general public than useful or entertaining remains to be seen, but Eyetease is in knowledgeable hands with Verifone as it already controls the media in a fleet of over 8,000 London taxis.

“It’s an honor to work with the global leaders in taxi media. Verifone’s experience, network and reputation in the industry is second to none and I’m thrilled to be working with them,” Richard Corbett, CEO of Eyetease, said.

The system uses dual LED backlit LCD HD screens that measure 1m x 0.3m and have a 1920×502 pixel resolution. These are mounted either directly on the cab or on roof rails and are combined with GPS and wireless technology. However, it’s smarter than the average ad (sorry, media delivery) system as it changes the content it displays based on location and the time of day.

Unfortunately Verifone is keeping quiet on the number of vehicles it will roll out initially but we expect to see the first cabs hitting the streets this summer.

Eyetease isn’t the only London startup working in this area, however. TaxiCast by BrightMove Media offers largely the same proposition and also has approval for its first fleet of 25 vehicles to start rolling out, which should begin on 25 June.

Image Credit – Eyetease

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