Facebook to open up 100 jobs in Dublin to expand its European hub

Facebook to open up 100 jobs in Dublin to expand its European hub

Facebook is bringing 100 new positions to Ireland as part of its ongoing expansion in Europe. Irish Broadcaster RTE says that this will add to Facebook’s team of 400 people in the country.

The new positions are already showing up on Facebook’s recruitment pages. Positions range from corporate communications, developer relations, systems, user operations, sales and many more.

Ireland’s Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton is encouraging the expansion and feels that it helps Dublin stand out as a centre for technology. He said; “Today’s announcement of a significant expansion by one of the biggest companies on the internet, with the creation of 100 high-end jobs, is a major endorsement of the tech environment in Dublin and further confirmation of our city’s status as the internet capital of Europe.”

Indeed Ireland is seeing some of the most recognisable names online expand their companies in the country. Just last week the auction giant eBay announced the creation of a further 450 jobs in Ireland and last year PayPal said it would be adding 1,000 positions over a four-year period.

Bruton is pinning hopes to change Ireland’s economic outlook on the ICT sector. Earlier this month at the Future Jobs Forum in Dublin he pointed to the European gap between graduates and technology positions to be filled and said that technology is a changing force across many markets. “There’s no doubt when you look at it the ICT sector and what it is bringing to the table, it is dramatically changing the face of a lot of sectors, democratising start-ups who don’t have the same barriers they used to, it is compressing the world market,” he said.

Supporting the burgeoning startup culture in Ireland is bound to bring benefits and hope for the economy, but a few big names opening up more positions in the tech sector is bound to be welcome news.

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