UK high street fashion outlet Topshop teams up with Google+ for London Fashion Week

UK high street fashion outlet Topshop teams up with Google+ for London Fashion Week

UK high street clothing staple Topshop has teamed up with Google+ for this season’s London Fashion Week.

The theme for the fashion outlet this time around is to re-imagine the future of the fashion show and while the online activity will be engaging, the meatspace event will be taking place at The Tanks at the Tate Modern.

Those who are not able to snag tickets for the catwalk can naturally tune in online. Not only will the runway be on show, but model profiles, the work of makeup artists, designer fittings and celebrity arrivals will be accessible.

Topshop has already been setting up for its show on Google+ with content around the making of the event complete with model diaries and product design. Fans of the stream can also try for tickets to see the event and on February 17, exclusive content will be posted along with material on YouTube.

Interestingly this year Topshop is also adding ‘Model Cam’. It’s pretty much as it sounds. If you have ever been curious about walking the runway at an international fashion event, you’ll have the chance to try it as the show’s models will be wearing HD micro cameras. The footage from the cameras will appear online as well as being projected around the venue on the day.

The model diaries provide a narrative of the ‘Road to the runway’. Followers can read up on the experiences of Cara Delevigne, Jourdan Dunn, Rosie Tapner and Ashleigh Good who will be updating their activities from first fittings to the bright lights of the catwalk.

Shoppers who frequent the Topshop flagship store on London’s Oxford Street will not be left behind. A Google+ photo booth has been installed where users can try on outfits and create a moving image on a catwalk which will be uploaded in an interactive digital shop window and appear on the company’s Google+ page.

For those looking for a reason to spend more time with Google+, hangouts will be showing a sneaky peek at Topshop’s headquarters providing sessions with the design teams. There’s also a hangout app that allows users to create their own ‘mood boards’ and share the looks they create.

Google is no stranger in the fashion world of course. At New York Fashion Week, designer Diane von Furstenberg partnered with Google co-founder Sergey Brin to put Google Glass on the runway. The models and von Furstenberg herself wore the glasses during the show and the resulting footage will be cut into a film with clips appearing on the designer’s Google+ stream.

Most mortals find it hard to get a front row seat next to Anna Wintour or Dita Von Teese at an international fashion show, but with a little digital help, brands are opening up new ways in which the shopper on the high street can get involved. You don’t even have to worry about what you’re wearing.

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