LinkedIn lists the most sought-after UK employers: Google and the BBC

LinkedIn lists the most sought-after UK employers: Google and the BBC

Two weeks ago, LinkedIn revealed its most in-demand employers globally in 2012…and technology companies featured highly, with Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook ranking in the top four. And now, LinkedIn has produced the same data but for Europe, with the UK, France and the Netherlands getting a look-in.

First things first, the data doesn’t represent the companies with the most employees. It’s based on desirability, with LinkedIn cross-referencing its data with survey responses to pinpoint activities that indicate familiarity and interest in working for a company. This covers connecting with employees, viewing employee profiles, visiting Company and Career Pages, and so on.

In the UK, Google and the BBC nabbed the top two spots, with Unilever, Shell and BP taking the next three positions. In terms of tech companies, Microsoft and Apple rank at number 6 and 7 respectively, with HP, ITV and ASOS also featuring in the top 20.

In France, L’Oreal scooped pole position, with Microsoft and Google taking the next two spots. In the Netherlands, however, the only ‘tech’ company to hit the top five was Philips.

According to the social network, nationality matters. “More than half of the companies on each of the rankings are headquartered locally, although US companies occupy most of the top 5 in France,” says LinkedIn’s Will Hamlin.

You can peruse the full in-demand employers’ list for yourself here.

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