Virgin Media starts 120Mb broadband boost for 100Mb customers in the UK

Virgin Media starts 120Mb broadband boost for 100Mb customers in the UK

Good news for Virgin Media broadband customers today. The company is rolling out a boost to its network as part of its ‘Double Your Speeds‘ campaign.

Virgin launched Double Your Speeds earlier this year and it is currently working to boost the speeds of 100Mb customers to 120Mb. The company says that the new tier will create some of the fastest speeds in Europe.

Virgin Media has upgraded 40 percent of its network as part of the enhancement program. These improvements should provide better support for streaming and entertainment services as well as allowing more users to access the Internet at the same time.

Currently Virgin Media offers speeds of 30Mb, 60Mb and up to 100Mb/120Mb. The enhancement program is expected to be complete in Summer 2013.

120Mb speeds sound amazing, especially as Ofcom recently reported that most UK homes manage about 9Mbps. With services like IPTV taking off and more people accessing the Internet from their homes, it’s no wonder that customers are turning to superfast broadband services (up to 30Mbps or above) to secure a smooth service for entertainment and streaming.

As demand increases, moves like improving fibre optic networks will likely establish companies like Virgin as go-to services for data-hungry consumers. Hopefully before long, the prices will also even out, but with a clear supply and demand equation, it’s more likely that ISPs will be making the most of our need for speed.

If you are a Virgin Media customer, you can find out if you’re going to get a speed boost here.

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