Pogoplug takes its Amazon Glacier-powered cloud backup service to the UK

Pogoplug takes its Amazon Glacier-powered cloud backup service to the UK

Pogoplug has announced that it’s launching its Amazon-powered cloud backup service in the UK, a month after it first rolled out in the US.

Just to recap, Pogoplug was traditionally known as a company that produces devices you connect to your computer, making all your files available wherever you may be. In June last year, however, it launched a hardware-free service, supporting both Windows and OS X, allowing users to stream photos, music or video from their home computer to wherever they are in the world.

This was followed up by the launch of Pogoplug Mobile in September, incorporating a new device that allows users to access unlimited media streams from their mobile device, on iOS and Android. However, last month Pogoplug was quick to take advantage of Amazon’s new budget cloud Glacier service for ‘infrequently accessed’ data.

Pogoplug’s Family and Team services both make use of Glacier, and at launch the company touted the new service as the “most affordable and safest multi-user cloud backup”, while still keeping data accessible. “Our new offering provides the missing link by eliminating the three to five hour retrieval time intrinsic to Glacier – making all content instantly accessible,” said Pogoplug CEO Daniel Putterman at the time.

Now, the San Francisco-based company is rolling out the cloud storage service to UK users.

Data is backed up in both Amazon Glacier and through the Pogoplug cloud accelerator device – which you attach to your router and a portable hard drive or USB storage device.

“Amazon is revolutionizing cloud storage with Glacier. Our new offering provides the missing link by eliminating the slow retrieval time intrinsic to Glacier and making all content instantly accessible,” explains Daniel Putterman, CEO of Pogoplug. “By keeping data synchronized between Amazon Glacier and a Pogoplug cloud accelerator in the home or office, we are offering unprecedented pricing for safe, fast cloud storage.”

Essentially, this service helps open up enterprise-grade cloud storage to those who otherwise may have been precluded due to costs – so we’re talking private home users, freelancers and small businesses here. It automatically backs up all computers and mobile devices, whether the user is at home or elsewhere, and makes that content accessible and shareable from anywhere there’s Internet access.

Prices start from around £19.99 a year for 100GB of offsite storage, and the launch follows what Putterman calls a successful US debut last month. “The reaction to this offering in the US has been overwhelmingly positive – it’s meeting demand for secure, fast and affordable backup that no-one else is currently offering,” he says. “We anticipate similarly strong demand from the UK market.”

Pogoplug is backed by Foundry Group, Softbank and Morgan Stanley. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with a satellite office in Tel Aviv.


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