Tweetminster launches app for UK political junkies on the go

Tweetminster launches app for UK political junkies on the go

Tweetminster, the media platform, has launched a free app for iOS so that people who must be plugged into the latest from the world of politics can do so as they are mobile.

The app, which has just been approved by Apple, tracks the links and content most shared between expert users on Twitter. This is what politicians, civil servants, activists, academics, business analysts and journalists think is the most important news of the day.

Essentially it makes tuning in to the world of UK politics much easier by providing a curated list of sources and running them live through an app that is easy to read. The expert networks filter everything Tweetminster features in the app without human or editorial intervention.

As the app draws on updates from social networks, Tweetminster makes it clear that it is not responsible for the content. So if an MP decides to jump off at the deep end of a social network and post questionable material, that’s their own opinion and not that of the app owner.

You’re not powerless to avoid the things you’re not so interested in of course. The top stories of the moment are aggregated from across the web to supplement the social content. News pages are customisable, you can log in to Twitter or Facebook from inside the app and post replies or retweets if it takes your fancy.

Stories and tweets can be filtered to your taste and interestingly, you can analyse trends among the tweets of MPs from the past 24 hours. Not a bad way to take the temperature of the nation’s leaders, not only to see what they are chatting about but also to spot what they might be avoiding.

If you’re addicted to the political machinations of the UK, Tweetminster’s app might be just the thing you need to get your fix while you’re out and about. That said, there are probably a few MPs who could do with monitoring it too.


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