LeWeb London theme announced: Faster than Real Time [Discounts]

LeWeb London theme announced: Faster than Real Time [Discounts]

LeWeb is coming to London and the theme for the event has been announced as ‘Faster than Real Time’. Real time is defined as “occurring immediately”. So naturally the event organisers Loic and Geraldine Le Meur are asking, “Is it possible then to be Faster than Real Time?”

To break the theme, the extraordinary artist Hugh McLeod of Gaping Void has drawn this smashing cartoon to get us all inspired for the action which takes place June 19 and 20 at Central Hall Westminster.

There are many ways in which ‘Faster than RealTime’ can be explored. The Le Meurs note on the LeWeb conference site,

“It is clear that our appetite for split-second interaction is insatiable.

Not only are new technologies giving us what we crave, the entrepreneurs behind them must exist in this Faster than Real Time world to compete. They must remain laser focused, yet have cat-like reflexes to adapt, pivot, whatever it takes to stay in the game.

One entrepreneur says it feels like you are operating in a ‘suspended reality’. Moving along at light speed, then pausing ever so slightly while the world catches up, then off again. You go to bed one night with a great idea for a company and you wake up in the midst of your first round of funding. Well, not exactly. But you get the point.”

Loic and Geraldine recorded a cute video to announce the theme for the event while they were at the Coachella music festival. The location was naturally noisy, a bit too noisy to hear what they are saying, but luckily there’s subtitles so you’ll catch their drift.

The event will be chasing down the theme from all angles as well as highlighting amazing new technologies, providing the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs who are living at this speed as well as presenting an impressive line up of speakers.

Expect to hear talks by Michael Arrington, general partner of Crunchfund, Mike Bracken, executive director of Digital, Tim Bradshaw, media correspondent for the Financial Times, Leah Busque, founder of TaskRabbit, Internet entrepreneur and broadcaster Andrew Keen, Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO of Fab and many, many more.

If you want to be a part of the main event you’d better get your tickets nice and early and if you’re up for the challenge, the startup competition registration is open. You can get £100 off your ticket if you go to the LeWeb London 2012 website and use the promotional code “TNW”.

The Next Web will be at LeWeb London – will you be too?

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