Google Earth offers a bird’s eye view of the Queen’s Jubilee procession route

Google Earth offers a bird’s eye view of the Queen’s Jubilee procession route

As part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the UK, HRH The Queen will be leading a procession in London this summer and the Google Lat Long blog has the route covered.

The capital is bound to be packed with people hoping for a glimpse of the monarch, but if you’re crowd-shy or following events overseas, Google has an alternative that might suit as a supplement to television or online coverage.

Google Earth’s latest video outlines the route of the procession so that visitors can follow along or you can plan which part of the city you would like to watch in (it will be packed, so some planning would be a reasonable idea).

The British Monarchy is not shy when it comes to social media and online activity, it already has a great Facebook Page filled to the brim with historical images and details that is followed by over 500 thousand fans.

Google appears to know that the Royal Family is a big draw for audiences and that the Diamond Jubilee celebrations will be a hot topic, especially after the search giant saw a huge amount of activity around the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Google has also teamed up with Historypin to create a map of memories and photographs where contributors can post their own memories of the Queen from various Royal Visits around the world.

For other memories surrounding the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, Capsool is providing an official application too. Basically it is a time capsule of events within the Commonwealth that are important to citizens. These can then be shared and distributed around other social media platforms and examples includine an interview with the Dalai Lama and the day the Beatles became MBEs.

In preparation for this Summer’s celebrations, there’s a lot of digital activity that will no doubt delight royalists and enhance the experience for people who will follow along via mainstream media.

The inclusive aspect of social media in relation to Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II helps to make a connection to mark the Royals as a more modern family, connected to the people.

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