Vevo’s UK launch boosts traffic 23%, with 177m additional monthly streams

Vevo’s UK launch boosts traffic 23%, with 177m additional monthly streams

Music video and entertainment site Vevo has released a ‘one year anniversary’ report showcasing its growth to date and impact across online, mobile and social platforms.

There’s no doubt that since its arrival in the UK, Vevo has done amazingly well. The decision, in March, to go Facebook-only for registration paid off, Facebook reported that it had seen a 200% increase in daily registrations only a month later.

Today’s report, which covers May 2011 to January 2012, points out UK milestones for the music provider. Vevo UK monthly video streams reached 177 million in January 2012. Unique monthly viewers have increased by 23% since the platform launched in Britain.

The British mobile audience has also boosted Vevo’s activity on mobile devices. Mobile video streams have doubled since launched in the UK to 12.5 million a month and there have been over 1.4 million mobile downloads of the Vevo mobile app.

Making music mobile accessible makes sense when there is a youth market already sharing music on the move. Mobile users can share their favorite videos on Facebook and Twitter, create custom playlists and stream wirelessly in HD to AppleTV (iOS).

Vevo claims that the service is beneficial to both fans and artists. Eight of the top ten artist Facebook pages are powered by Vevo. The platform is also used by most of the top British artists, including Adele, Jessie J and Florence and The Machine. It looks as though Vevo may be becoming the defacto choice for record company marketing online.

The service is not just being used to view specific videos as almost 70% have used Vevo to discover new music. 60% of users have liked a video and half have read messages from other visitors. Social music appears to be working well for Vevo as it is leading with high quality, offical content delivered in a timely fashion.

Dominating online music

With 3.3 billion global streams each month, Vevo is claiming the title as the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform.

Vevo offers a huge catalogue of premium music programming including music videos, exclusive premieres, originally produced series, exclusive concerts and events (live and on-demand), artist interviews and celebrity, fan and editorially curated playlists.

The company has partnerships with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI and many independent labels give fans access to over 45,000 videos from more than 11,000 artists, or approximately 85% of the music video market. The service is available in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada through

It is possible that part of Vevo’s success is the provision of quality music videos and putting them quickly into the hands of a curious audience. The innovation and application of fresh changes makes sharing and viewing easy. Earlier we reported that Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff stated that ‘Piracy is a bit like the war on drugs, it’s an unwinnable war‘. Maybe it is the company’s focus on spreading music rather than focussing on the chase for prohibition of illegal sharing that is helping them to win when it comes to spectacular growth.

Making creative work available in a sophisticated manner will not kill piracy, but it does go some way to making it a less appealing option. Today’s report shows that Vevo’s strategy for spreading music and its brand is the right one for growth in the UK market.

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