Social Bizzle takes its ‘Facebook for business’ enterprise on the road…literally

Social Bizzle takes its ‘Facebook for business’ enterprise on the road…literally

Lee Fuller is co-founder of Social Media My Business, or ‘Social Bizzle’, an online Facebook-training platform for enterprises. Nothing particularly noteworthy about that in itself, but the guys behind it are undertaking an interesting little initiative to help spread the good word.

“We have have built an innovative online training product that teaches small businesses how to use Facebook effectively,” says Lee, “however we have learnt that many UK businesses haven’t really embraced this way of acquiring new skills yet.”

With that in mind, Lee and co. bought a 1981 Bedford Camper and are traveling the length and breadth of the UK helping businesses with their Facebook marketing for free.

Since January 11th 2012, it has had over two hundred small businesses apply for the tour, and it’s now looking to revamp the current set-up to deal with this demand. “Wind, rain, sleet or snow, we are actually contemplating living in the camper and hitting London for 5 straight days,” says Lee. “Then after that, other cities.”

It’s an interesting little initiative, and acknowledges that sometimes there’s no substitute for just getting out there and meeting people. You can sign-up to get on board the ‘Bizzle Bus’ from its Facebook Page.

Meanwhile, check out the guys on tour in the video below:

Social Bizzle

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