Demand for iPhones and iPads in the UK is boosting online searches for gadget insurance

Demand for iPhones and iPads in the UK is boosting online searches for gadget insurance

If you got your hands on one of Apple’s ‘iGadgets’ over the festive period, there’s a reasonable chance you’ve also searched for online insurance to protect the new electronic love-of-your-life.

It seems that the iPad, iPhone and iPod are creating a new market for gadget insurance, as consumers are increasingly turning to payment plans to protect their products should the worst happen.

As Experian Hitwise reports, consumers are apparently becoming more concerned about their mobile phones than ever before, and whilst mobile phone insurance is nothing new, the relative expense of the iPhone is generating the most insurance search queries online.

As you can see here, UK online mobile insurance searches spiked in the first week of October 2011, which just happened to be when the iPhone 4S was launched:

Furthermore, in the twelve weeks leading to December 31st, 28% of all mobile phone insurance searches included the word ‘iPhone’, whilst the Christmas buying frenzy saw the iPad become Apple’s most searched for product online. Of course, this meant that searches for iPad insurance doubled too:

Interestingly, Hitwise’s data notes that none of the large insurance providers are jumping on the gadget bandwagon, with smaller niche insurers drawing in much of the traffic. Though strangely, YouTube also received a significant amount of traffic looking for iPad insurance:

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