The Weather Channel brings live weather data to online ads in the UK

The Weather Channel brings live weather data to online ads in the UK

The Weather Channel, a global provider of weather information, has announced what it claims to be the UK’s first advertising campaign that features live weather conditions, in a commercial deal with British Gas.

The winter-themed campaign for British Gas HomeCare boiler cover will run on The Weather Channel UK website, and will display live temperature and location data in the advert in real-time. The online campaign will be run by digital marketing agency iProspect.

The campaign marks a first for The Weather Channel – its first UK advertising campaign to use ADaptor technology since it was launched in Europe earlier this year. ADaptor adverts enable brands to tailor the content in adverts in real time based on the searched location and live weather conditions.

“ADaptor adverts are proven to drive deeper and provide richer engagement with consumers, achieving a higher recall rate,” said Ross Webster, MD of Sales, European Markets, at The Weather Channel. “Using the latest ADaptor technology, we are able to make adverts more relevant than traditional advertising, producing a higher impact on consumer behaviour and decision making. The Weather Channel is thrilled to partner with British Gas to create the UK’s first advert that reflects and responds to live weather conditions.”

In the States, too, a number of brands have already used ADaptor ads, including Mini, General Motors, Budweiser and Renaissance Hotels and Resorts. And earlier this year, allergy treatment brand Benadryl signed a multi-platform deal with The Weather Channel for a pollen-count-triggered display campaign across The Weather Channel UK website and iPhone app.

Launched in the UK in July 2001, The Weather Channel, constituting a website and mobile phone app, provides weather information across the UK and around the world. The Weather Channel partners with three well-known industry names,, and Yahoo! UK & Ireland.

The British Gas adverts will be launching ‘in the coming weeks’, and will run for 4 months. In the UK alone, The Weather Channel’s UK website receives in excess of 2 million monthly unique users, and has a global reach of more than 50 million. On mobile platforms, including Web and iPhone, it has more than 7m UK monthly page impressions and has more than 65 million app downloads worldwide.

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