Sony rolls out TV-show download service for UK PlayStation 3 owners

Sony rolls out TV-show download service for UK PlayStation 3 owners

In a move to keep up with Microsoft’s evolving content offering on its Xbox Live service, Sony has begun offering PlayStation 3 owners the opportunity to download a wide range of TV shows via its PlayStation Network Video Store.

TheSixthAxis revealed the new content offering, highlighting a wealth of U.S television content including Breaking Bad, South Park and Arrested Development.

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Pricing for shows appears to start at £1.89 for SD content, rising to £2.49 for HD shows, which are downloaded to a user’s PlayStation 3 console to keep. However, following a quick browse of the Store, the content available appears to be sporadic in the respect that some shows allow users to download Season 1 and 6 of 24 but not the seasons inbetween.

The store does not appear to allow users to download an entire season of shows either, which seems a little shortsighted of a company that will want to compete with other pay-to-download services like iTunes and tempt users away from Microsoft’s Xbox 360 services, which are due to see a television upgrade in the coming weeks.

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