Everything Everywhere to invest millions in its networks following spectrum sale

Everything Everywhere to invest millions in its networks following spectrum sale

UK mobile operator Everything Everywhere, the joint-company created after the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, has said that it will use money earned from the sale of its mobile spectrum to reinvest in its networks across the UK to improve its service across the region, The Telegraph reports.

According to reports, MPs had asked the operator to use some of the expected £450 million gained from sale of its 1800MHz spectrum for public benefit, instead of using the money to boost its profits.

UK communications regulator Ofcom was asked to help direct the funds but the carrier issued a statement which confirmed its plans to reinvest in its networks:

“We are required to sell some 1800MHz spectrum, for which we pay £33 million in license fees to government each year. It is our intention that all proceeds from the sale of this spectrum will be invested into our UK network to benefit our customers across the country.”

Everything Everywhere was required by the EU to sell the spectrum as a result of the merger between T-Mobile and Orange, to increase competitiveness of its rivals, after it was originally made available by the government for carriers to bid upon.

It is not known just how Everything Everywhere will use its newly acquired funds but it could well see investment in reinforcing its 3G and HSPA+ networks to increase coverage and signal strength throughout the UK. With a delay in the auction for 4G spectrum, the company is unable to begin a full rollout of 4G services until it knows what bands it will operate in the UK.

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