British politicians avoid being banned from tweeting in Parliament

British politicians avoid being banned from tweeting in Parliament

UK politicians are to be allowed to tweet away in Parliament after a bid to ban the practise was quashed today.

As the BBC reports, some Members of Parliament had argued that those who tweeted during debates appeared to become “detached” from proceedings. Those in favour of tweeting, however, argued that it meant they could communicate better with the public and ‘multitask’.

MPs voted 206 votes to 63 against a ban on. Today’s decision means that MPs will be able to use hand-held electronic devices, but not laptops, in the Parliamentary Chamber, “provided that they are silent, and used in a way that does not impair decorum”.

Some MPs, such as Labour’s Tom Watson and the Conservative Party’s Louise Mensch, have embraced Twitter and are among those who tweet during debates. Watson has even offered candid insights, such as explaining that he felt “Physically sick” after voting against the party line when the Digital Economy Act was passed last year.

However, now tweeting has the official stamp of approval, there are other issues at hand as MP Stephen Gilbert pointed out today:

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