You’ll either love or hate this: Blippar brings augmented reality to Marmite

You’ll either love or hate this: Blippar brings augmented reality to Marmite

We’ve written about Blippar few times in the past, first covering it prior to launch way back in June. Blippar is an augmented reality app aimed at brands, and it’s starting to make some pretty big inroads in the UK with a number of partnerships with companies such as Cadbury’s and Tesco. And it’s even gaining traction outside the UK, helping to launch what it called ‘the first AR newspaper’ in Ireland last month.

And in its latest development, Blippar has teamed up with the UK’s much loved/hated (depending on who you speak to) yeast extract, Marmite.

The partnership will see Blippar used to ‘pull’ virtual product information from the product’s label, and is designed to help users access recipes (involving Marmite, of course….) by pointing their iOS or Android device at a jar of the good stuff.

Danielle Hayward-Bradley, assistant brand manager at Marmite, says:

“The new AR expereince gives people a richer interactive experience. Unlike others, this app recognises Marmite’s identity rather than just QR codes, creating a more in-depth and engaging experience for consumers. Once locked in, a virtual ‘Geoff’- the frog character from latest ‘Hate Cuisine’ campaign – appears offering users an array of Marmite inspired recipes which can then be saved to the handset for later reference. The app takes culinary inspiration out of the kitchen and on the move.”

See the app in action for yourself, with this Marmite demo video:

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