Facebook Messenger for iOS comes to the UK

Facebook Messenger for iOS comes to the UK

Back in August we reported on Facebook’s new standalone messenger app for iOS and Android, though the iOS version was available in the US and Canada only.

But from today, Facebook users in the UK – all 30m of them – can also access the iOS app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

So what’s the app all about? Well, if you’ve used Facebook’s normal mobile app then you’ll no doubt have experienced the frustrations of accessing messages through the full app, so the Facebook Messenger app is for those who just want the ability to message their Facebook friends easily. Much in the same way as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) works.

The app lets users send messages instantly to other friends, chat in real-time and create group conversations. Additionally, Facebook Messenger lets users attach photos and location information to messages.

Thanks to @AppsFire for the tip.

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