UK software developer Marmalade opens up LG Smart TV to app developers

UK software developer Marmalade opens up LG Smart TV to app developers

Marmalade, the UK-based cross-platform technology developer, has announced the release of software development kit (SDK) support for LG Electronics’ Smart TV, making it the first native SDK for the LG Smart TV.

The release follows a year of engineering collaboration between the two companies, and Marmalade’s SDK support for the LG Smart TV will enable developers from across the mobile, PC and console worlds to integrate their applications into the LG Smart TV.

One such example is the mobile game Cut the Rope, demonstrated by LG at this year’s IFA show in Berlin, and which was designed to showcase LG’s 3D stereoscopic capability. The game will come to LG Smart TV screens using Marmalade later this year.

Niall Murphy, CEO at Marmalade, says:

“Smart TV is a huge market opportunity.  Developers need an effective way to develop and deliver their applications across smart phone, tablet and Smart TV.  These are the platforms consumers are focused on.  With this release Marmalade is enabling rich, high quality native content on LG’s Smart TV platforms, now and in the future. Our own developer community is already helping to drive this and at the same time benefit from time saving, cost effective true cross-platform functionality.”

Marmalade started life as Ideaworks3D in 1998, and the technology behind its SDK was developed from 2005 to 2008, launching as Airplay in 2009, before finally becoming Marmalade in June this year.

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