ScreenReach partners with Bauer Media to bring location-based content to radio apps

ScreenReach partners with Bauer Media to bring location-based content to radio apps

We’ve been charting the growth of ScreenReach since 2010, and back in April we reported that the UK-based startup had penned a deal that would see its technology rolled out to 800 coffee shops across the USA.

The company’s Screach technology is compatible with most smartphones, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Screach allows two way interactions between a smart device and any content from other platforms such as digital screens, broadcast media, print, or simply within the app itself.

Screach can also be embedded into an existing app using the free Screach software development kit (SDK), and today it announced a new partnership with Bauer Media, which aims to create “next generation radio applications delivering location-based, interactive services.”

Bauer Media’s radio apps have been downloaded more than one million times in the past year, reaching almost 14 people each week via its 42 radio stations. Now, it will use the Screach SDK to integrate the technology into its apps. This, in effect, will let Bauer create real-time, location-based content.

Bauer’s Radio apps will use a smartphone’s native GPS functions from within the app to target consumers by location while they are listening to radio via their smartphones.

Bruce Mitchell, Digital Product & Innovation Director for Bauer Radio said:

“Screach technology helps us create more compelling content and another reason for consumers to further adopt digital platforms for listening.  Until now Radio applications have been a one-way listening experience.  Our partnership with Screach unlocks the full potential of the smartphone and links it to our broadcast output, so wherever our listeners are, they have the chance to engage with us in a way that keeps them longer with our stations and provides a reward for doing so.”

Back in June, we reported on how Absolute Radio, one of the UK’s three independent national radio stations, was launching tailored advert breaks for its online listeners. This means that listeners who log in to their Absolute Radio account using their Facebook credentials, would have their ‘active location’ taken into account with adverts. So in effect, a national radio station can offer some of the benefits of a local station.

More and more people are listening to radio via smartphones, so the potential for location-based advertising is huge.

Steve Taylor, Creative Commercial Director, Bauer Radio, said : “Screach has the potential to revolutionise our Sponsorship and Promotions offering.”

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