Proximitips: This app brings out the urban explorer in you

Proximitips: This app brings out the urban explorer in you

Proximitips sells itself as the essential app for the urban explorer. And what does that mean exactly? Well, it’s a hyper-local social magazine that has booking and purchasing facilities built-in, as well as delivering news, promotions, reviews and discounts…and it’s all based on location.

Proximitips gives users access to restaurant bookings through Toptable, as well as other local events, shops, restaurants and bars.

The app is designed to help users discover a city’s trendiest spots. It can be browsed by street, suburb or city and you can home in to see what’s hot in the wider area, and even ‘next door’:

The app has a heavy social element too, and users can interact with other urban explorers in their area and ask and answer questions relating to a local point of interest. Proximitips gives access to real-time social media feeds which inform what others in the vicinity are doing, allowing people to connect with each other.

Proximitips was developed at Buongiorno’s hub in London’s Tech City, and over 750 areas across the UK capital are covered by the app, but it’s available throughout Europe covering 125 million places of interest.

Matteo Montan, Head of New Business, Buongiorno, said:

“ This new app is perfectly poised to catch the convergence of social media, location-based services and mobile commerce. ‘So.Lo.Mo’ is a new mobile Internet trend expected to grow dramatically in the next years and represents for a global mobile leader like us, a great opportunity in which to invest.”

The Proximitips app is free to download and is currently available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, requiring iOS 4.0.1 and above.

Matteo Montan, Head of New Business, Buongiorno

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