The Death App reveals murders and road fatalities across the UK

The Death App reveals murders and road fatalities across the UK

There’s an app for that is somewhat of a cliche these days, denoting that, well, there’s an app for just about everything you could possibly imagine. And this latest app by the guys at MobileNationHQ certainly lends credence to that notion.

The Death App is a mobile Web app for iOS and Android devices, showing you murders and road fatalities in your area, displaying this data on a Google-powered map.

The app offers a gruesome and macabre view of your local area, but it claims to offer potentially life-saving features too, such as showing where accident blackspots are located. It’s only accessible from mobile devices, and it draws on data from across the UK.

Using GPS, the app detects your location, and tells you how many deaths have occurred in your area recently:

When you click ‘Map’, you can choose whether to look at car accidents, murders or both:

And you can then focus on your own immediate area, or scroll the map to see what the death situation is like across your city:

The app worked for me on an Android tablet and Android smartphone, though I must admit it was a little sluggish. And the screen didn’t seem to automatically scale down in size as it was supposed to, the home page was too big for my 320 x 240 screen. But it certainly worked, and I was able to see all recent murders and road fatalities in my area.

Tod Pedler, CEO of MobileNationHQ, said:

“We’ve created something that appeals to the public’s sense of morbid curiosity. However, the Death App also draws attention to accident blackspots – to help pedestrians and cyclists navigate the streets more safely.”

The data is taken from and, and at present the period it covers is January 1, 2010 until June 30, 2011.

The Death app was created in just eight hours, using MobileNationHQ’s own platform that allows anyone – from novices to experts – to design, create and distribute customized mobile apps.

You can see a video of the app being made:

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