BBC traffic from LinkedIn increases tenfold in six months

BBC traffic from LinkedIn increases tenfold in six months

BBC’s traffic from LinkedIn increased by ten times between January and June, reports

In January, referrals from the social network amounted to around 20,000 each month, and by June this figure rocketed to over 200,000. But, it seems, other social networks are driving even more traffic. A spokesperson said:

“Referrals from LinkedIn have increased rapidly over the past few months, but they’re nowhere near the level of referrals we get from Twitter. Indeed in June, LinkedIn was still behind Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Drudge Report in terms of referrals.”

Whilst LinkedIn as a traffic driver is on the rise, as Mark Suster notes on TechCrunch many of these links will actually originate from Twitter. In effect, remove Twitter from the equation, and LinkedIn suddenly doesn’t seem so potent.

It’s thought that the massive spike in traffic from LinkedIn has a lot to do with LinkedIn’s news aggregation service, LinkedIn Today, which was launched back in March.

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