Audioboo launches BooMail: You can now upload audio by email

Audioboo launches BooMail: You can now upload audio by email

Audioboo, the mobile & web-based platform that lets users record and upload audio, has announced the launch of a new service allowing users to upload files by email. The service, called ‘BooMail’, goes live today.

As it stands, Audioboo allows users to record and upload unlimited audio clips via iphone, Android and some Nokia devices, as well as through the Audioboo website. BooMail will also allow BlackBerry users to upload audio content on the go, as well as giving web-users a new, faster route to updating their profiles.

To get started with the new service, Audioboo members are asked to send a blank email to Full instructions will then be automatically sent, alongside a link to their Audioboo account.

Audioboo members will receive their own email address and vCard to add to their address book. They can then type the title of their audio clip into the subject line of the email, attach an audio file and an image and send directly to their Audioboo profile.

Mark Rock, Audioboo’s founder and CEO, said:

“We’re always looking for new ways to make life easier for the Audioboo community, and that’s what BooMail is all about. It’s not replacing any of our existing systems, we’re just offering our users a new way to access their profile, while opening up the service to a wider audience. Some people may not have access to external websites from a workplace computer, or they may want to update their profile on the go through a Blackberry handset. Others are just more comfortable using email. BooMail offers these users a fast, secure new route to sharing audio.”

Audioboo was launched in March 2009 as a mobile platform, before releasing a browser-based version later that year. Users can record a near-unlimited amount of audio to their profile, and each clip can be accompanied with a photo, a title, tags and other biographical and geographical data, before uploading to

BooMail was made available briefly in 2010 as a beta test, but was then pulled while the team worked on developing the service.

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