Screenreach debuts ScreachML, opens up its platform to developers

Screenreach debuts ScreachML, opens up its platform to developers

Screenreach, the innovative UK startup helping businesses deliver real-time interactive experiences to their customers, has today announced the launch of its ScreachML language and public website, allowing creatives and developers to create their own interactions using the Screach service.

Fresh from its partnership with Reach Media Group (RMG), which saw the Screach service rolled out in 800 coffee shops across the USA, Screenreach has finely tuned its platform to provide an easy way for developers to create experiences which allow people interact with screens in restaurants, bars, public areas and sporting venues via bespoke quizzes, polls and games.

As a result of todays announcement, Android and iPhone users will be able to utilise the Screach app to connect to content created by any third-party that wishes to utilise the platform, establishing a two-way interactive experience on any screen, or just the mobile phone itself.

Until recently, a Screach experience would have been available to a limited number of companies, with users unable to view their activity on Screach-enabled services.

By opening the platform to developers and designers first, Screenreach hopes that companies will be able to explore the opportunities that its platform makes available, in-turn providing innovative new ways to engage with their consumers.

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