O2 becomes first in UK to switch on new “superfast” 3G network

O2 becomes first in UK to switch on new “superfast” 3G network

O2, the UK’s largest mobile operator, has today switched on its new “superfast” 3G 900MHz network, providing customers across London and other UK cities with a improved coverage, increased network capacity and fast downloads.

The activation of the new 3G network comes after Ofcom announced it would allow “GSM refarming”, giving operators permission to reuse the 900MHz spectrum (old 2G bands) to provide their customers with additional 3G resources. The new 900MHz spectrum will result in better coverage for customers, with current 3G bands using the 2.1GHz band which has lower quality transmission characteristics than both 1800MHz and 900MHz.

O2’s new 3G900 network layer in London is expected to provide a 50% increase in capacity to O2’s existing 3G network and will also roll out in key cities across the UK, including Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester.

The new network will better equip O2 to deal with increasing smartphone and tablet use, allowing its customers to “use more data, and experience it quicker”.

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