T-Mobile offers first-generation iPad for £49 on Groupon

T-Mobile offers first-generation iPad for £49 on Groupon

T-Mobile has become the first UK mobile operator to offer an exclusive deal through group-buying website Groupon, allowing up to 1,000 customers to buy a first-generation iPad tablet device for £49 on a 24-month contract.

The deal, which launched at 00:01am this morning, will save consumers £180 on the device, which is priced at £229 on the Apple website. New customers will be required to sign up to new contract, priced at £27 per month, with existing customers paying £25 per month.

Those interested in grabbing an iPad and aren’t worried about having the newest model will need to head to groupon.co.uk and sign up for the deal. Customers will then be emailed a web sales number which will need to be quoted in a call to T-Mobile.

At the time of writing, there have been 323 iPad’s bought. Will you get one? You have 35 hours to get one at the reduced price.

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