Quoto: Create your own on-demand Valentines card with a quotable twist

Quoto: Create your own on-demand Valentines card with a quotable twist

Quoto is a new project from the team at Quotabl.es that will allow you to create their own Valentine’s cards from the quotes they submit, posting them for free within the next 48 hours.

You might remember Quotabl.es, it’s a service that Zee, our Editor in Chief, said was “probably the coolest way to collect quotes“. The service serves as a fun and simple way to find, save and remember quotes, and with its stunning design will likely to inspire you to collect quotes even if you’re not one to normally do so.

Quoto works on the same premise, it takes any quote and then designs, prints and delivers a unique card to a special friend or loved one, completely free of charge. If the recipient is located in the UK, they will receive a printed copy of the card, if they aren’t, they will receive an e-card on the special day.

Once you have submitted your quote, the team will contact you for the postal address of your recipient. Free cards are being offering for the next 48 hours to ensure your cards reach the recipient in time for Valentine’s Day.

The service is perfect for those who have in-jokes or favourite sayings that they endlessly quote over and over again with the special someone in their life, much to the dismay of everyone around them.

To take advantage of the service, head over to the delightfully fun helloquoto.com website.

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