Score a job interview, take home an iPad

Score a job interview, take home an iPad

Competition between firms for fresh talent is fierce. In order to get graduates to apply for jobs, unbelievable as it may seem, a firm in Britain is offering free iPads to anyone who secures a job interview, regardless of getting in or not.

The Economic Times reports that Autonomy, one of the largest software firms in Britain, is giving away free iPads to anyone simply by securing a job interview. The offer stands to ensure it attracts the best applicants as competition heats up with neighboring firms on the outskirts of Cambridge.

“You want to make sure that you get the very best through the door. What you do is dangle an iPad … and they come and see you. Someone else is offering an iPhone,” the Daily Mail quoted multi-millionaire founder Mike Lynch as saying.

Now that the country is getting back on its feet from the recession, tech firms, most especially, are actively and aggressively hiring new people. Statistics at Autonomy show that only a fifth of young adults asked to a first-round interview ends up taking a job there. This definitely sweetens up the deal. How do I apply??

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