Ticket Tailor simplifies online ticketing whilst cutting the booking fees

Ticket Tailor simplifies online ticketing whilst cutting the booking fees

New UK startup Ticket Tailor aims to change the way event organisers sell tickets online by offering a clever set of social and technological features that help promote events, without ever charging a booking fee.

Most ticketing sites charge its customers around 10% of a tickets value, sometimes adding additional charges on top. Ticket Tailor eliminates those charges, instead charging its users a flat monthly fee based on how many events the customer intends to run.

To get you started, Ticket Tailor gives its users a free 14 day trial, incorporating plans starting at £6 for one event per month with unlimited tickets, right up to £75 which provides unlimited events and unlimited tickets. It doesn’t matter which plan is undertaken, users never have to pay a booking fee but they can implement one of their own using Ticket Tailor’s customisable system.

Once an event is set up, the true value of Ticket Tailor’s platform becomes evident. The company has developed a system where users can quickly and safely integrate ticketing into their existing Facebook page (which update automatically), as well as providing a widget for independent websites.

If website inetgration is your thing, organisers also get their own personalised domain for their events, all hosted on a buytickets.at/eventname domain which is also optimised for both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Should a customer book using these portals, Ticket Tailor will transfer them directly to the users PayPal account, removing itself from the payment process altogether and the system will send instant email and SMS e-tickets to the customer.

The beauty of Ticket Tailor’s platform is that it can help customers identify the legitimacy of event organisers. By providing the option to buy directly from the organisers own website and Facebook page, ticket buyers will be able to see they are purchasing from a genuine provider.

The existence of such a service could prompt many event organising companies like EventBrite to follow suit but for now Ticket Tailor provides a unique way to advertise your events whilst keeping within of your budget.

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