Virgin Media goes after Sky in new “Stop The Broadband Con” advert

Virgin Media goes after Sky in new “Stop The Broadband Con” advert

Virgin Media has Sky clear in its targets as it rolls out its new Christmas advert to promote its “Stop The Broadband Con” campaign.

The campaign is aimed at changing how UK internet service providers (ISP’s) are advertising their Broadband speeds and services – a topic of much debate as customers are finding they are experiencing significantly lower speeds than the providers are advertising in the media.

Virgin Media believes customers should get what they pay for and are therefore urging the Advertising Standards Authority to help stop misleading broadband advertising, asking those interested to sign a petition lending support to the campaign. The petition has nearly 10,000 signatures at the time of writing.

The advert, whilst low budget, plays on the idiosyncrasies of British culture; offering two lamps, one with a genie, the other Frank Lampard, and references to the classic British pantomime.

It’s the “you may have seen something about having three wishes in some poxy advert or something” that will convince you of Virgin’s not-so-subtle jab at its competitor:

Virgin’s “Don’t Get Conned This Christmas”

Sky’s “Aladdin Does The Deal”

What do you think? Clever or cheap shot? Let us know in the comments.

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