Twitter looks to sign up big-name UK brands

Twitter looks to sign up big-name UK brands

We could be about to see well-known UK brands making a big advertising splash on Twitter as the company prepares to push into the British market.

Twitter is planning a trip to the UK next week to tie in with the AdTech London advertising conference.

Twitter offers a number of opportunities to businesses, including ads via Promoted Tweets in search and Promoted Trends, along with Early Bird promotional offers. Until now, Twitter has restricted itself to Stateside advertising partners. It appears that it is likely to expand its horizons soon.

A Twitter spokesperson tells us, “Our monetization efforts have been very US-centric thus far and that will change in the future. It make sense to talk to key brands in the UK sooner rather than later. Now that we have launched the new Twitter, the timing is better than ever.”

Twitter’s new design is designed to make on-site media consumption easier. That’s ideal for making users stick around on-site longer, increasing the chance of them seeing and clicking on more ads. More on that here.

New Media Age reports that staff including product manager Shiva Rajaraman and director of sales Amanda Levy will be addressing the UK digital industry throughout next week as part of what the publication calls a “roadshow” for Twitter.

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