The Times’ Paywall Momentarily Falls Over

The Times’ Paywall Momentarily Falls Over

If you head over to The Times (and also Sunday Times) website right now, it’s very likely that you will be able to view all of the articles on the news website, despite the fact that the publication is meant to be behind a very public paywall.

At the moment there have been no official statements on the matter, although some of The Times’ journalists, namely Caitlin Moran, are making light of the situation by telling their Twitter followers to read as many of their articles as possible before the paywall is reinstated.

The BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones says that The Times website is undergoing some routine maintainence:

The Times says routine maintenance is underway on its login page (sounds like they’re changing the oil) & the paywall will be up again soon.

Other Twitter users have realised the error and are urging Twitter users to bombard the The Times website with pageviews to show Rupert Murdoch (owner of The Times) just how much traffic the website would get without a paywall.

If The Times is a publication you enjoyed reading before the introduction of a pay barrier, now’s your chance to absorb all that the newspaper website has to offer before it goes back behind its iron curtain.

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