Twitter + Floral Shirts = One Bizarre Tweetup

Twitter + Floral Shirts = One Bizarre Tweetup

The idea of a “tweetup” has been around for a couple of years now. Twitter users meet up in real life and (in our experience)  either get on amazingly well or have absolutely nothing to say to each other once they’re communicating in more than 140 character bursts. When the former happens, they’re great and now a tweetup with a difference is gaining quite a bit of buzz around the UK’s digital community.

Flowery Tweetup is an upcoming event that brings together the previously separate worlds of Twitter and floral print shirts. Why? Organiser Stewart Townsend, who works in business development at Oracle, explains:

“I have always worn bright shirts, my idea years ago was to build myself as a brand to rise Sun above the other corporates and gain attention for what I was doing. Hence I was known as The Man in the Shirt. (Fellow organiser) Stuart Witts and I have met at events and on Twitter. We used to have shirt battle-offs, seeing who could wear the most outlandish shirts, thus we decided to create an event around Twitter to get people from different sectors to come together, enjoy their apparel (ladies and gents) but also show its easy to get a buzz around something quickly.”

The event takes place on Monday 13 July at 6.30pm at Trader Vic’s in the London Hilton and promises to bring together people from the worlds of tech, social media, marketing and photography. Even London’s most famous tweeter, Stephen Fry says that he would be in on the action if he were in town.

You can sign up to attend at the event’s website.

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