BBC Says Its Facebook Fans Are “Saddos”

BBC Says Its Facebook Fans Are “Saddos”

Update: See here for the BBC’s response to this story.

Well this is embarrassing for the BBC. The corporation’s new Olympics site has launched with a bit of (we assume) placeholder text left intact. (Update: The text has now been removed but you can see a screenshot below).

Inviting readers to become a member of a BBC Olympics Facebook page, the text reads “You can also become a saddo on Facebook”. Oops.

Strangely, the page doesn’t even link to a specific location on Facebook, just The Media Blog (who spotted the faux pas) says the site launched only this weekend. This leads us to believe that either someone clicked ‘Publish’ a little ahead of time or there was a real lack of proofreading. Either way, it’s an embarrassing slip-up.

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