Spoonfed aims for the Bullseye

Spoonfed Logo

Spoonfed Logo
Spoonfed who provide free London event listings have launched a new service called Bullseye. Whilst Spoonfed’s 30,000+ per month listings are aimed at consumers, Bullseye targets businesses, specifically the event organisers and promoters.
Bullseye allows organisers to select campaigns based on Web, Email, SMS, MMS and social networking while monitoring the success of each channel. Various promotional tools are also available such as discount codes, ‘one off codes’ and mobile flyers.

This could be a really powerful proposition as Spoonfed can utilise both systems to feed each other with Spoonfed driving consumers to the site and Bullseye attracting the events (which drives more consumers which therefore should attract more promoters).

Other listings sites could have some serious competition on their hands.

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