O2 Ditches Unlimited Data Deals

O2 Ditches Unlimited Data Deals

iPhone and iPad 3G users in the US have been screaming since AT&T’s announcement of a tiered data plan, limiting users to 2 GB of data monthly.  Now it appears that the UK’s own O2 is following the same idea.

According to O2 CEO Ronan Dunne:

“With the wide range of Internet based services now available on mobile devices we’re providing customers with generous clear data bundles that give customers freedom.”

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The new smartphone tariffs, on a 24 month contract, look like this:

If you’re a new or upgrading customer, you’ll still have your unlimited data until the 1st of October.  At that point, the new pricing schemes will go into effect for you.  If you’re a heavy data user, you can purchase data “Bolt Ons”, including 500MB for £5 or 1GB for £10.

As for those who are already O2 customers?  You’ll be grandfathered with your existing plan and continue to grab unlimited data.

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