Nokia Lends Sports Cars To Bloggers. Yes, Sports Cars.

Nokia Lends Sports Cars To Bloggers. Yes, Sports Cars.

Nokia’s phones may have gone a bit off the boil recently in the face of far more exciting iPhone and Android options, but there’s no denying that they still know how to do an excellent marketing campaign.

London-based agency 1000heads recently put together a campaign to promote Nokia’s navigation products. To do that they surprised five lucky bloggers and mobile enthusiasts by turning up on their doorsteps with the keys to a shiny sports car.  Yes, we’re jealous too.

The bloggers were then given challenges to carry out using Nokia navigation tools and the cars. The result, as 1000heads note on their blog, was “Awesome amounts of passionate word of mouth: on and offline, in the mobile tech community and far beyond”. 1000heads put together the video below to sum the project up.

Who said there weren’t occasionally some perks to blogging?">

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