Rummble: Truly smart location suggestions, and a new UI coming soon.

Rummble: Truly smart location suggestions, and a new UI coming soon.

“We believe most existing recommendation engines are broken.  They’re not accurate or truly personalised”.  With that statement, Rummble founder and CEO Andrew J. Scott sums up their purpose.

Location services are hot, to say the least.  When it comes to Rummble, the idea is to think of location suggestions as you would page rank in search.  According to CTO Dr. Clive Cox, “the way people make decision about where to go net in the real world differs from the virtual world and we are building technology which will make the decision automated and recommendations accurate”.

To do that, it takes money, and now Rummble has some.  $800,000 to be exact, from m8 Capital.

Rummble operates by understanding not only where you are, but what environment you’re in.  Cox goes on to say “if it’s 11am on a sunny Wednesday, you probably want a coffee at a cafe with outdoor seating, not drinks at a murky dive bar”.  Pretty smart, if you’re asking us.

There are versions of Rummble available for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices which covers a good part of the mobile market.  For the rest, you can visit from your mobile browser.  So what else does it do?  From the Rummble site:

  • Find places to go you’ll love in 125 different countries
  • Rate & review any physical location in the world
  • Become a Local Hero, earn trust, share the love
  • Check-in publish your location, meet friends

Scott talks about their plans with the funds, stating that the idea is to spend it on user experience.  “We’ve been trying to do way too much with just six people and the user interface has suffered.  Now that we can hire, we’re looking for awesome UI/Ux designers and software engineers both in London and San Francisco”.

Rummble Introduction from Rummble on Vimeo.

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